• SPARK Summer Internship Program for High School Students

    Mission: To provide opportunities for motivated high school students in the Greater Seattle area hands-on, in-depth learning by connecting them with industry experts, educators and mentors from various organizations

    Vision: Our vision is to act as a liaison and bring to the interested high school students in the Greater Seattle area, appropriate opportunities to interact with industry experts, professors in well-established institutions, community leaders, to experience working in a professional environment and prepare them intellectually and emotionally for the road ahead of them.

    To begin with internships will be offered in the areas of STEM, Software Development and Real Estate Marketing. In future, we plan to cover many more disciplines.

    Please note: Application packages are under review. They will be forwarded to the internship providers the week of April 11. 
    Please stay tuned for further updates
    Applications are still open for Website Design and Real Estate. 
    Applications for all other positions are closed.

Timeline for Internship

Timeline for 2016

 We are in the process of reviewing the applications. We will forward the application package to the internship providers early next week. Stay tuned for other updates.
We have a very talented pool of applicants this year - a big thank you to everyone who has applied.


The Summer Internship Program is designed to provide young people an opportunity to spend a summer working side-by-side with some very interesting people in the greater Seattle area. The intent of this internship program is many-fold :

* Research with a professor at the UW or other research institute

* Work at a start-up on leading technology

* Work in a real job environment  

It depends on the selected applicant and the internship provider

Here is the timeline

Feb 14 - Applications Open

March 18, 11:59pm - Deadline for turning in the application forms with transcript and the application fee.

March 26th - Applicant will be notified if he/she made it to the next level.

April 1st- Students who made it to Phase II must submit their recommendattion letter by this date

One letter from your teacher preferably Science or Math and the other one from someone who knows you closely, coach or a counselor, or your personal Mentor.

  • Yes absolutely. All courses and all extra curriculars and your passion need to be listed to increase your chance of acceptance into the program

A panel of experts has been assembled who will review the application in order to perform the preliminary screening.

The short-listed applicants will be sent to the internship provider who will then make the final selection.

An email with the selection confirmation will be sent to you.

It depends on the internship provider. Details will be posted along with the internship

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